Birth Injuries

Prudent, well-trained clinicians know that obstetrical injuries can arise during pregnancy, labor, delivery and newborn care, even in patients who are considered low-risk. For that reason, obstetrical care providers must be knowledgeable, well trained, and have access to emergency or “stat” intervention when fetal or maternal complications develop. When a fetus is deprived of adequate oxygen (hypoxia) or blood flow (ischemia), brain damage or death may follow.

We are committed to identifying the negligence that caused or contributed to these events. Among the types of cases we have handled are Erb’s palsy; stillbirth resulting in injury or significant emotional trauma to the mother; failure to diagnose and timely treat twin-to-twin transfusion; delayed C-section; and failure to diagnose Group B Strep infection. The Dennehy Law Firm has obtained major settlements and verdicts for infants and their families in birth injury cases.

Let us help you determine the appropriate legal action

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Our firm has a history of success handling medical malpractice cases. We know how to win. How? Hard work. We’ll listen to your story, gather the relevant information, and represent you in court and at trial. Our goal is to obtain a resolution that will help you move forward.