From Trial, August 2006: Cosmetic surgery cases are the shunned stepchild of the medical malpractice bar. Plaintiff attorneys who routinely handle the most difficult and esoteric medical malpractice cases rarely find botched plastic surgery cases attractive. One reason is that many people are biased against others who choose to undergo plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons.” Plastic surgery […]Continue reading

The standard model for diagnosis of cardiovascular disease often doesn’t fit women. Here are some common medical missteps to look for in a malpractice case. What is a woman’s medical malprac- tice case? Most people think of a failure to diagnose breast cancer, delayed cesarean section, or the unnecessary removal of a woman’s uterus. But […]Continue reading

Checkout our new welcome video. Susan Dennehy represents patients and their families who have suffered serious harm as a result of medical negligence by a doctor or healthcare institution. She began her own firm in 1996, and for the past nineteen years has successfully handled cases involving failure to diagnose serious medical conditions, wrongful death, […]Continue reading

A few years ago, I tried a medical malpractice case in a courthouse where I did not know many of the judges. The case involved a delay in diagnosing a spinal abscess, which doomed the patient, my client, to lifelong paraplegia and unrelenting pain. Because she died before the trial, she could not testify about […]Continue reading