Lawyers and Cosmetic Surgery Cases


From Trial, August 2006:

Cosmetic surgery cases are the shunned stepchild of the medical malpractice bar. Plaintiff attorneys who routinely handle the most difficult and esoteric medical malpractice cases rarely find botched plastic surgery cases attractive. One reason is that many people are biased against others who choose to undergo plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons.”

Plastic surgery practice by doctors is unregulated compared to other types of medicine – there may be lower standards for staffing, hygiene, and cleanliness during these procedures if they are done in a doctor’s office.

Also, it may be more than dissatisfaction with the resulting appearance that causes someone to seek a medical malpractice suit – some botched plastic surgeries create permanent nerve pain or numbness.

Dennehy Law represents women who have been the victim of negligent plastic surgery practices. While some lawyers are reluctant to take on plastic surgery cases (due to the fear that others will not sympathize with someone who underwent plastic surgery and that the case will not be viable), we believe that women who have been harmed by negligent practices deserve to be represented.

We look for specific factors when deciding whether or not to represent a medical malpractice case in the field of cosmetic surgery. To find out if your case is a good fit, please contact us. We review every case for free.

Want to read the full article about plastic surgery? Check it out here to learn more about our criteria for plastic surgery cases.

We are compassionate, diligent, and detail-oriented in our representation. We will compile the facts, analyze your case, and help you move forward with resolution.

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