Nursing Homes

When a family entrusts a loved one – a parent, a grandparent, a spouse or a sibling – to a nursing home, it is with the belief that the nursing home will care for and protect that person. This sacred trust pledges to provide the resident with a safe place to live, competent care, adequate staff, and freedom from abuse. When a patient suffers injury because that promise was broken, the nursing home is accountable for its negligence.

In New York State, nursing home residents have the right to receive necessary medical, nursing and psychosocial care so as to maintain the highest possible physical and mental functional status. Nursing homes also establish their own policies and procedures of conduct. When the system fails, we need to discover the reasons.

This requires careful and meticulous research of the facility and its systems. We need to establish how the nursing home conducts business and why it functions that way. For example, we know that nursing homes are chronically understaffed. A federal study found that 91% of nursing homes in the United States have an inadequate number of nursing aide staff! When a patient is not turned and develops pressure sores or falls and fractures a hip because a nurse does not answer repeated call bells for assistance, we look at the adequacy of staffing.

The Dennehy Law Firm works closely with our clients to understand the full picture. We apply the law to the facts of each case in order to expose violations and demonstrate to a jury how the nursing home has broken their own rules. We appreciate that the injuries suffered in these cases are often catastrophic: pressure sores, fractures, brain injuries and death. And, while past results do not guarantee future recovery, our experience is that meticulous work produces meritorious results for our clients.