Compensation Conclusion Case Type Case Description
$4.0 million Settlement Brain Injury Two artists suffered brain injury as the result of mislabeled toxic chemicals.
$3.9 million Settlement Birth Injury Infant suffered cerebral palsy as a result of failure to timely diagnose twin-to-twin transfusion.
$2.4 million Settlement Misdiagnosis Multiple sclerosis misdiagnosed as cancer and unnecessarily treated with high doses of radiation
$2.2 million Verdict Birth Injury Erbs palsy (shoulder dystocia) suffered by an infant and caused by negligent delivery
$2.2 million Verdict Birth Injury Erbs palsy (shoulder dystocia) suffered by an infant and caused by negligent delivery
$2.0 million Verdict Women’s Health Failure to timely diagnose early stage breast cancer resulting in wrongful death
$2.0 million Verdict Birth Injury Erbs palsy (shoulder dystocia) suffered by infant and caused by excessive pulling during delivery
$2.0 million Verdict Misdiagnosis Failure to diagnose a spinal abscess resulting in partial paralysis and grievous pain for a middle-aged woman
$1.45 million Settlement Infection Wrongful death as a result of a failure to diagnose a surgical site infection.
$1.4 million Settlement Misdiagnosis Failure to diagnose and treat an infection, resulting in the wrongful death of a woman in her 60s
$1.1 million Settlement Negligence Nerve injury caused by negligent injection in the cervical spine, resulting in permanent inability to work.
$1.0 million Verdict Women’s Health Negligent choice by obstetrician to perform surgery on anemic woman, resulting in her wrongful death.
$825,000 Settlement Negligence (Surgical) Negligent injury to nerve during surgical treatment of abscess and removal of salivary stone.
$825,000 Settlement Birth Injury Failure to properly manage high risk pregnancy, resulting in pre-term delivery
$750,000 Verdict Infection Compound fracture resulting in an undiagnosed infection, leading to man’s death
$700,000 Settlement Plastic Surgery Breast reduction, plastic surgery malpractice resulting in disfigurement
$650,000 Settlement Wrongful Death Failure to watch vital signs and treat a young husband with sickle cell crisis, resulting in death
$600,000 Verdict Women’s Health Failure to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy resulting in loss of a fallopian tube
$500,000 Settlement Women’s Health Breast cancer misdiagnosis resulting in delay of diagnosis and subsequent mastectomy
$500,000 Settlement Medication Error Hospital overdose of pain medication resulting in death
$500,000 Verdict Misdiagnosis Failure to timely diagnose bowel obstruction resulting in colostomy
$490,000 Settlement Plastic Surgery Negligent placement of chin implant resulting in facial nerve injury
$475,000 Verdict Surgical Error Unnecessary sinus surgery with removal of turbinates, causing “empty nose syndrome”
$450,000 Settlement Misdiagnosis Failure to review pre- and post-operative lab values before discharge, resulting in bleed and death
$400,000 Settlement Misdiagnosis Failure by hospital to follow a differential diagnosis process. resulting in misdiagnosis of infection and death
$400,000 Settlement Infection Failure to timely diagnose and treat a “flesh-eating infection” (necrotizing fasciitis)
$400,000 Settlement Misdiagnosis Failure to diagnose and treat cardiac arrest, resulting in wrongful death
$400,000 Settlement Surgical Error Negligent podiatric surgery and lack of monitoring, resulting in loss of toe
$375,000 Settlement Surgical Error Sinus surgery negligence causing “empty nose syndrome”
$375,000 Settlement Surgical Error Negligent insertion of line into an artery, causing huge blood loss and limb damage
$360,000 Settlement Medication Error Hospital acquired infection after heart surgery; delayed diagnosis and improper drugs, resulting in permanent dizziness
$350,000 Settlement Nursing Home Nursing home negligence and electroshock, resulting in wrongful death of elderly woman
$350,000 Settlement Surgical Errors Negligent thyroid surgery resulting in partial paralysis of vocal cords and permanent hoarseness
$250,000 Settlement Women’s Health Reproductive negligence
$250,000 Settlement Psychiatric Malpractice Psychiatric malpractice in which psychiatrist breached boundaries with the patient
$250,000 Settlement Misdiagnosis Negligent diagnosis of benign thyroid condition as cancerous
$250,000 Settlement Birth Injury Failure to timely diagnose Strep B, resulting in death of two day old baby
$200,000 Settlement Medication Error Pediatric misdiagnosis and treatment of teen’s neurological condition
$200,000 Settlement Women’s Health Negligent OB/GYN care, resulting in still birth and emotional distress
$200,000 Settlement Negligence Personal injury, fracture of humerus in elderly tourist who fell on improperly covered hole in walkway
$200,000 Settlement Plastic Surgery Plastic surgery malpractice, burn to breast during augmentation